Laws of Attraction

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You can attract anything you want.

Attractive Fashion In a world where people remain stuck or move backwards, don’t worry about speed. As long as you’re going forward, that’s all that matters. Ignore social media pictures. Don’t let images of other people’s lives rush you or make you feel like a failure.

Put your energy into things that actually grow you. Too many people freely give their energy to negative thoughts, people, and situations.

When you compliment others, you shift into a state of appreciation. This brings you more things to appreciate & appreciation from others too.

Positive words are great, but positive feeling is what really counts. When we feel joy, we attract more feelings of joy.

Gratitude is magnetic. When you are thankful, you receive more and more to be thankful for. It just gets better and better!

Don’t judge so easily. Whatever you think or say about another person, you bring to you.

If your life sucks to you, more things that suck will come your way. Try and look on the bright side; even if that’s a whale of a task!

You have to vibrate on the same frequency as the things you desire. To manifest love, you must be projecting the vibration of love.

Maturity is learning to walk away from people & situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals or self-worth.

Don’t wait until your life becomes unbearable, to make changes. Start today. Start small if you have to. Just move forward.

At one point, you need to stop talking about it and start doing it. Don’t ignore the ideas that the universe is sending you. Act on them.