Layering Like a Stylist

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Layering is all about pairing different kinds of clothes together to create one cozy, bundled up, thrown-together look that seems effortless yet very fashionable. In theory, it’s pretty simple, One shirt can create several different looks if layered the correct way. Using different fabrics and textures is definitely encouraged. Layering makes the best outfit and interesting. 


  All outfits start with a base a simpler piece for you to layer the ‘accessory’ pieces on top of or under, It’s best to choose a simpler piece(s),as you will choose the ‘accessory’ pieces to make the outfit more interesting,and you don’t want it to look too busy. If you do choose busier pieces, you simply have to choose simpler accessory pieces. They are all interesting and could definitely stand alone, but layer perfectly with other pieces.


 Layering are different pieces that make the outfit pop. As your base should be simple,choose accessory pieces that contrast and are bright.One of the easiest ways is to mix up the tones,if you have a warm toned peach dress,a cool toned gray or blue makes it pop or even simpler,fits. If you have a loose base,pair it with a more fitted blazer or leggings.This is where your cardigans and jackets come in. I like to use lighter jackets or a kimono, this is where collars are especially easy. One of the favorite ways when layering button ups is to cuff the sleeves over the base top it creates instant contrast. When mixing cardigans,jackets, one of the easiest ways to create contrast is to pick ones with different lengths than your base piece it creates greater contrast. 

  This is where your actual accessories come in your scarves,necklaces,belts and so on.  Belts are often essential to break up layers. Contrast is key work with different patterns,colour tones and lengths. Shoes are important here too. 

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