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Legend Lesbian

We live with the intention that we want to be better, to change the world and just turn it to the place of our dreams, the vision in our mind, life we imagine, to better it is the goal and we love the imaginations in our head and the joy of it and sharing it with the world became the quest, not losing that connection with self, with the source, keeping it real as intended and telling the world in the most interesting way the message and the creativity of your heart and so I met Legend Lesbian. From the name I was already interested in her personality and her sense of style, the kind of vibe that interest me, so I was looking forward, but our different time zone had to make us schedule a convenient time and soon we got chatting.

Music is her own medium of communication and her lyrics you’ll love and be inspired with, she’s out of this place, her energy is pure and brilliant, that kind of influencing vibe that’ll make you want to think about humanity from her point of view, you’ll just want to listen and she’ll catch your attention and make it interesting, when it’s music just as when it’s fashion, it’s not meant to be boring, she won’t bore you, her reality is beautiful and her story too and she’s a celibate but she love girls.Legend Lesbian Mind Fuck

How we define things is always from our own point of view, what made us what and who we are, for Legend Lesbian, life is a painful journey of self, humbling. Though she grew up broken, poor, in the hood, she see life as truly what we make it and while some make it worth living there are those whom haven’t discover the complete understanding of love and compassion. The understanding of self and how to navigate through the painful journey. It can become overwhelming and we’re stuck, life is about getting through it. Finding that reason why we are actually here is what some live not finding out who they are and how much they can do as human, bringing your thought into reality, the illusion of the mind, making it  reality, everything is possible after all, all we just need to do is tap into that us that fit this reality and create the you for the moment, live in time, our past always affect us from two sides, they are either your motivation or they’re your excuse, and excuse can be boring and poor, but when they motivate you, new things you’ll discover, the you, you never thought exist, her lyrics will motivate you and fuck with your mind at the same time, she’s dope.

I grew up in a household full of abusive cycles that challenges my mental state of being till this day. I grew up understanding the pain of love, sacrifice and regret.

What will you do for love? That question we will all answer differently but love is love and lust is attractive, some will go extra mile for love, some won’t but we all enjoy the thrills of love, it can be over powering too, love was very painful for her to have, she’s in a process of understanding the love of family, friends and myself in a healthy manner, all she want is to be loved purely, the quality of love these days is kind of reducing, compare to how much the older generation will struggle to keep their marriage and the love they share, that quality of loving is missing because people are beginning to wake up to a new reality of self worth and how it will help your person but the expression of love though is what this generation fight for, to express how much they can love and do for love, sometimes you won’t believe what some did for love, love is always a beautiful thrills.Legend Lesbian

How we’ll express our love and how much we cherish a partner or a lover, any human may reflect how much we crave and want to have love, we do the most interesting thing when we’re in love, we express romance in the most interesting way, she grew a plant for someone, taking your time to grow a plant reflect the beautiful history you want to make with that person, adding interesting scenes to your movie of life. Nature motivate us and present us with the energy that’s needed, it relaxes you to help you tap into that innocent sphere of your being, it calms you, just like your dreams, they know the way, nature will lead you through the right path, you just have to trust the flow and go with it.

No I am okay. I don’t have anything against it. I just enjoy my sober mind

There’s always this concern from fans and the society and the rules of the land about the use of drugs and smoke and the abuse of it all especially alcohol during creating process, everybody create differently and the mood we love to be in when we want to create is different, she prefer her sober mind every time, no pot especially. But she love to meditate, and explore her mind, though some of her thoughts can be ugly. The most beautiful thoughts are the darkest; I think all thoughts are beautiful once you find a way to balance and shape your mind with them. She listens to Kanye sometimes and that line is impactful. We all imagine the future with age, she never thought she’ll make it to 18 but she channeled her rage.

Just decided to be myself one day, just decided to stop trying to force myself to blend in with everyone else one day. They bully because they’re scared of who you are, they can’t figure it out because you’re different but they want to limit you, lure you to be the regular version, someone they can overpower with their laws and doctrine, being yourself is freedom, the freedom they don’t want you to have, so they create those laws to make you forget about freedom, to be like they’ve written, but we all are different and our kind of fun is different too, so Lesbian broke the rules and decided to be herself for life.Legend Lesbian

She love women and she’s a celibate for now, the dream is the most important thing right now, and she’s working tirelessly to make it a reality. We fantasize some times, what we want we imagine, especially sex, before that first time, many would have imagine what it feels like to have sex for the first, while some first time might go sour, some, just as they’ve imagined, she wrote a lot of stories on Tumblr and she saw lot of porn too which helped with the imagination of sex for the first, and it was like she imagined, though she’s single and want to focus on herself and her craft, studying the monk lifestyle which is making her very spiritual and very in tune with herself.

I don’t restrict myself to the religious practice. I believe in the universe and Mother Nature. I believe in Divine balance. I am a monk in my own ways

A typical day in her life will be Mediating, meetings, fashion designing, photo-shoots, and more meetings, planning for performance too, before now though I’ve been curious to want to know what her craft is because chatting with her, you’ll testify she’s got it all figured out, more like she’s taking a conscious step knowing what every move is and what to do next to get a particular result and so when I asked about “planning for performance”? You do music? And she replied with a yes, instantly I was dying to listening to her music, her lyrics and her kind of sound, I kept an open mind, not expecting anything in particular, all I wanted is to be blown away, any way and she did, she fucked with my heart that I could not help but struggle to finish the song before sending her a voice note, I was excited when I listened to “Mind Fuck” Legend Lesbian will fuck with your mind but I’ll let you be the judge of that, I’ll let you listen to “Keys” too, sure you’ll be convince she’s dope and her lyrics and attitude on the song, her energy you’ll feel from the speaker you’re listening from and she’s Legend Lesbian.