Let Our Vanity Lead the Way this Weekend

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Friday NightIt’s Friday today and I’m ready for the party and the sex, my body is all yours and your body is mine too, the weekend is ours, we just want to live in the moment this weekend, we want to live like we don’t care, we don’t care though, their thought is theirs, their idea of living too, we know what we want and we want what we want, though they call us lovers, yes we are and we love not only us, we love the world, we love everybody and we lust for life, we do what the world will call wild, the only thing we do during the weekend is explore, we discover new fun, new kind of living.

The weather is for two, just us, the house is enough for us, the kitchen and the wardrobe, the bathroom and the living room, the playlist too is for us because we created it to put us in that mood that we want to be in during this weekend, our lust is beautiful, it seduce us, we’re bad at resisting temptation, it’s always our pleasure to fall for every temptation our body comes up with, we just love to fall for the body temptation, it’s fun and interesting when we fall and it’s stressful when we resist, that energy we don’t want to waste, let’s rather use the energy for when we fall for that temptation because we’ll be tempted this weekend.Lovers

Though it’s cold outside, it’s raining too, the cardigans and jackets and nothing underneath is the dress code for the weekend, until we are ready to do the activity that requires no clothes on. It’s our body weekend, let’s lust all we can, love the body of the lover, can only imagine all the place your hands will travel to and the wonders in every of their touch, thank God it’s Friday, the first day of our body weekend, seduce me with everything babe, seduce me with life and the lust of life, let our vanity lead the way.