Let Your Vote be a Thank You and Appreciation to these Fashion Girls

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Passion, they say, it leads the way, only if you can just follow and trust in it and yourself because you are the passion, you are the vibe you need to survive, so if you trust yourself enough, you’ll let passion lead the way, because it’s not only helping you to be a better person but helping lot of people that are seeing you and wishing to be like you, either right now or when they grow up, because they often see in you everything they want to be, true fans and followers, you are usually a role model, their role model and in turn you’re making the world a better place, a place where people can believe that dreams come through.

Damilola OkeMsmodish

2018 we believe strongly is going to be a better year for all of us and already we are feeling the good vibe of it and we are excited too as hard work is beginning to pay off, the rewards for being true and real. Our favorite fashion girls are already getting the award they deserve because for years they’ve put all of themselves into who they are today and we just love them more for that and we are grateful already for their nominations.

Lara ColeSo Lara Cole and Msmodish got nominated at the MAYA Awards Africa and we are loving the thrills already because this is a good omen of the great things 2018 holds, so guys you know what to do already, to help crown their effort and how much they’ve influence us over the years, this little task of voting should be our own little way of saying thank you for all they’ve done for us, for all those times they’ve made us double tap their post on Instagram and their free invites to their beautiful parties, it’s our own time to say thank you.

So what are you waiting for already, let the voting beginsLara Cole

Lara Cole nominated in the category of the Female CEO of the year and Msmodish in the category of  Style Influencer Female of the year, voted already, let’s cast this important vote of the year.

To vote for Lara Cole here

To vote for Msmodish here

Thanks Guys