Let’s Be Sexy Like Sandra Benede

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Sexy Girl

Sandra Benede

How well can you play sexy, how well can you show the world that you’re free from their many body shaming tricks and how less appreciative they make us see our body, even to show how sexy we look they make us feel ashamed to, but we are sexy and we know it, sexy and beautiful, though we woke up like this, but our mind and dream has always been about being like this and now we are like this, so like they say, if you have it flaunt it, that’s the confidence of our sexy, her sexy.

So let’s pause a little as we remind the world sometimes that this place, earth is our run way, and just like on the runway where everything can be showcased as you walk, so is our earth, we can wear it all because it’s our body and pride, it’s the beautification of our body, the confidence of the woman inside of us, so let’s show how beautiful our skin is, how pretty we look when we display our sexiness.Sandra Benede

Sandra Benede, she’s that kind of girl whose light doesn’t have off switch, she’s always on fire, radiating beauty and sexy confidence, showing the world how to enjoy being sexy with no limit, and how to make the camera fall in love with her and how she pose. Just like how we’re not suppose to apologize for who we are, same is about going off sometimes, we’re meant to be on fire every-time and that’s why we love her, she’ll make you want show the confident of your sexy, the pride of the woman that you are.Sexy Ebony

So let’s show our sexy and be bold with it, let’s love and appreciate the skin that we’ve always lived in, let’s show the world that our complexion is beautiful and house greatness in its DNA. They are scared of the day we’ll discover the beauty in us because they know that from that day, we’ll be free, free from their ideas that has always limit us, free from the body shaming tricks and how they make us to feel when we decide to show off the sexiness of our body. Let’s be sexy like Sandra Benede.

And it’s her birthday today, so we wish her many more beautiful sexy years ahead.