Let’s Create a Little

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The life we often want to live is a life full of beautiful memories, happiness, fantasies as real life, we paint it colorful and happy, with people that are lovely and not mean, our own version of ideal life, it’s always glamorous and wonderful, even when we know that’s just in our head, we still love the joy of living it in our mind for those times, little did we know if only we work harder we can actually achieve those life we dream of, the one that can only be determined by us.

Big Sean “One Man Can Change The World” really? One man, oh yes one person can, you can change your own world, the world you created for yourself, the world that you’ve imagined and picture in your mind, it’s all about your creativity, about the kind of image you create, the kind of image that makes you happy, that kind that keeps you awake all night that you just want to keep creating and putting finishing touches to it, that kind that excites you like you’re living it already, the real life you dream off where everything is perfect.

Imperfect perfection, the reality of the real life, a whole lot of thing is imperfect about this world, many things that doesn’t make sense to us as humans, many unanswered questions that we wish we can know the answer to, at least to seal back our hope into whatever we believe in or why the world even exists but lots of them we can’t find answer to, which at the end of the day the only true gift you have is your creation, your mind and your sense and with that you can create another universe, the one that will accommodate you and your dreams, the one you can ask yourself a question about and you’ll definitely have an answer to, the one that for everything that happens in it, you have a reason why, you know why it’s happening, so you have solution or an idea to solve whatever you’ll be experiencing there because it’s your own world, your own creation, your own reality that you’ve brought to life, the life you are living.

I think we are place here to create, to create whatever we can just like he has created us in the place we found ourselves, I think we are meant to replicate what was done to us, just like in our early school days in nursery school, your teachers make you repeat what they’ve either written on the board or on your book, their own way of teaching you how to create, the basics of creation, so you learn, you learn how to write those alphabets and later how to combine the different alphabets to make a sentence, so you learn how to construct sentences and now you can make and create whatever sentence you want to, how you want it, that’s your creation, you created those sentences the best way you can, maybe the way you’ve learnt from your teacher, a better way maybe but you are creating those sentences at will when you want to, the real deal now remains how well do I want to make my sentences, how do I want to make it sound, how interesting and commanding do I want to make it be.

In our world it’s all about what we think and how we think what we think, it’s about our mentality and our idea of fun and what’s meaningful and what’s useless, but nothing is useless, everything is useful it all depends on the way you channel it and the definition you attached to it.

So will you rather bank with your mind today and invest into your world, to create those fantasies and that perfect world, just like saving to get rich, it’s all about sacrifice and hard work, how hard can you work?