Let’s Experience Life

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Beautiful NudeIn life somethings are not just clear to us, you just have to dig a little deeper, maybe more than a little to get the real truth, life is life and life won’t explain to us how it works, you’ll just have to find it out the best way you can, and really what’s the best way to find out about life, guess it’s through living, you just have to live before you’ll be able to find out about life, so I’ll say life oh life, let’s experience it.

Yes experience is the best teacher, that popular quote we all know, so how much of it have we gotten since our existence, how well have we live in this place, earth, we wake every-day, we sleep every night, we dream different dreams and hope differently, it’s a different life we live and different aspirations we have, but we are here still, experiencing humanity and maybe learning, maybe teaching and affecting the world to make it history our living, making tales that’ll be told after we stop existing here.Artistic Nude

Living can be hard, stranger than the dreams we dream, because in life you just have to make it work the best way you can, so you just have to be strong for you, it’s all about you, the excuse we make is us, the goals we achieve is us and the love and groove in our heart is all us, we make the decisions that either turns out good or maybe worse, but most times we are just scared of what the world will say and what image of me will they have in their head, maybe we care too much, maybe somethings don’t need that much care, maybe it’s ok to be the odd one that love to live life and to the fullest.

Living wild is fun, especially when you’re in control, when it’s you calling the shot, how real can you be to yourself, how well can you tell yourself the truth, the truth is all you need, to have fun and having fun is not a crime and that doesn’t make you unserious or unambitious, but why are you doing what you’re doing, for you to be validated by the people you look up to or just bringing your visions and crave to reality, when dreams happen in real life it’s fun and fascinating, visions from the head.