Let’s Fall in Love, Let’s Experience Love.

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At some point we all pray, at some point we’ll need love and to show love too. It’s Thursday almost the end of the week how many people have you show love to this week?

Not only sex kind of love but real and true love that kind of love the world need right now, that kind of love that will translate the true meaning of existence and why we are humans

Life has it was designed was to experience love, to experience us being human and the only thing that gives you this access is love, without love life is almost meaningless, without love life is boring. Ever notice one of the most interesting genre of songs is blues and soul and Jazz, one thing all this music have in common is how they sing love, it’s interesting it catches your attention and you’ll just listen, even if it’s Adele singing about her heartbreak or Sam Smith confessing his love for his lover or Asa wondering how Love found her, the stories and lyrics of love are always interesting.

Take your mind back to growing up and the story books we love to read, the princess and prince charming, why do you think girls love ball gowns, it usually makes them feel like a princess that they truly are, that princess from the story book that prince charming will sweep off her feet, it’s always beautiful, the feel, the plain pure joy of happiness.

And that’s what life is all about, to experience plain joy of happiness, not happiness from intoxication, but real joy of love, loving someone even with their weakness, and their insecurities, their ego and their strength.

Even take a look at when you do things you love, like your job that you love, you do it without stress and with happiness, that’s joy, that’s loving what you do and you don’t go wrong, love is the secret to true happiness, let’s fall in love with us, with the world and with everything.