Let’s Fall in Love with Clothes

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Fashion Girl Let’s wear clothes, let’s be great, let’s look beautiful and live for clothes like the fashion girls in the magazine, like the models on the run way, let’s make our lives about clothes because they have a different influence in our life and they have a way of making us a better person, making us to even forget our sorrow and live like we’ve got no worries, let’s live like the queens in history, like a goddess and let’s dazzle like we are made of diamond and gold and pearls, like we are made to shine bright.Fashion Accessories

Clothes are beautiful and they have a way of making you feel better, look better and think better even, maybe because they rest directly on our skin, they understand us better, they have a different influence on our person and our ego, they just affect every part of us, how we think of others and how we think generally, and if you are real with your clothes you can be real with yourself, you can be a better person, your clothes just defines you, and it doesn’t have to be bespoke or expensive, it’s all about how you wear your clothes and how you live in them and how you treat them even, really you can buy the expensive clothes because of your ego but that doesn’t mean the clothes will up your ego or personality, all it will do for you is make you look different and attractive but not making you a better person.Rebel Fashion

Like what we think about, it’s the same with what we wear and the reason why we wear them, clothes help you channel your inner person , so if your inner person is wrong, you are then wrong and everything about you is then wrong; yes no good, yes no bad, but we are the definition of either the good or the bad that we think, because we always know the truth but either we are too reluctant or too scared maybe lazy to go with the flow of the truth but there’s nothing good vibe and enthusiasm and happiness cannot change, it can make you a person and a human being because you are not human if you live wrong, and you know the definition of wrong.

So what’s your fashion vibe, what’s your passion and dream, what’s your sense of style vibe, shabby and boring or alive and real, you can be real and fun if you want to, you can have passion if you want but there’s a price for everything, even life have a price tag but the real and beautiful truth is you can always afford it all, just take a closer look and you’ll see.