Let’s Go Wild Because It’s Friday

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Wild FridayLet’s go wild because it’s Friday and we can do just anything, anything and even give in to our bad thoughts because we think bad things sometimes, maybe most times but we try to suppress that feel because it’s not the way of the society, or maybe not according to the doctrine of where we worship, so we hold back from doing many things especially things from our bucket list we just want the regular, the popular demand and we starve our existence with fun, that’s not fair to being human, let’s experience everything we can be as human.

Many people hate Monday, many don’t wish for that day because it’s always one day you struggle through most activities especially for people in my town, we love to groove and we groove differently on Sunday, it’s the last day we party before going to work the next day, most people come to work with hangover, some come late but though they struggle through work many do their work well because it’s where they earn a living and they don’t joke with where they earn their living and even though they are not doing what they love to do they still treat the job with respect, that’s one thing my people have and the groove, bring it on.Friday Fun

We are made for Friday, we are made for wild, we can experience it all and be what the world called 18rated not allowed for the public eye, maybe viewers discretion allowed even, but the ability of you pushing the limit is the thrills, just love the thrills and follow it astray to pleasure land and tap into the rhythm of this city, be the groovy human just like the people in my city and fall in love with Friday like we do, enjoy it and flirt with it, love the thrills and experience a different side of humanity before coming back to work, after all we are all allowed to 5min madness in a day, just extend it more than five minute this weekend, make it last the whole weekend. Maybe we all suffer a little split personality disorder sometimes.    Erotic Art