Let’s Live in the Moment

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Living in the moment Sometimes there are some moods and situations you just want to get out of, a different thing you’ll want to feel. Sometimes you even want to feel your face without actually touching it, but you can’t feel a thing. Everything around you at the time is made of just lazy vibes, and the strength and that energetic you, you wish for is not there. Sometimes not everything you wish for comes to life when you need them to because as John Lennon sang, “You can’t always get what you want”, so they just fade away like powder blown by the wind. Traces of it will linger, an aroma you might perceive, but the real thing remains unseen at that moment. Just the hint of it can be frustrating and can send you spiraling especially during deadlines. You can’t let the heaviness weigh you down, you have to accept every situation as the new normal and realize that the only way out, is through you, the person the moment needs.

It’s a different us every new day want, because life is on a constant move to eternity, the eternity that build us everyday to become a person that will better this place called earth and make fun and make it worth the while for everybody that stares at you, at how pretty you make the street and the visions and images in the mind of passerby. Even when we can’t feel our face, we can feel our mind, the real us, the us that’ll always be there to have us even when our face is what we can’t feel and our emotions is running wild, and we are like a different person living in the skin that has house us all our lives.Fashion Girl

Though sometimes even when we can’t feel a thing, it’s usually for a reason, most times we want perfection, every time, we want it just as we’ve imagined but reality is never like it’s in our mind, the universe just have its way of making us a better person and chase us out of the comfort zone we dream and hope and pray for, for we only die in our comfort zone, but because we are alive the earth make us live and live different everyday, so the vibe and task and reality of everyday is different and every day we either decide to be better by living in the moment and create a new and better version of us to enjoy that day or we give up at the breaking of every new day and gradually, we die while we live and get stuck in a particular frame of time, living in the box, the box of a stagnant reality, and soon everything becomes boring with no new twist because we dodge and ignore the reality that’s meant to shape us.

So how about we live in the moment and when we can’t feel our face, we feel our mind and experience humanity instead, and experience that version that best fit that moment, maybe wild, maybe sad, maybe lazy even because nothing actually last forever, even time rebirth itself into a new day, a new dawn every 24hours. We can live for the moment already.