Let’s Lust Tonight

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YeLet’s make love how we want to and not how they think we should because it’s our pleasure and satisfaction not theirs, it’s our wet and moist inside that need the satisfaction, the emotions the drive us mad that all we just want is what we crave, maybe another boobs to hold, maybe another lips to kiss, or the toys, maybe self even or the guy next door, our body want what it want and starving it most times is a bad decision that turn us to be the ghost of ourselves, the us that we never thought is inside there, for the frustration of good sex is the unstable us that dwells in a cage that need the right sex and satisfaction to break free and be the person that we are.

Our sex, the vagina and the penis is ours but it’s ridiculous how the society take special interest in how we use it, it’s even more surprising they dictate who you use it with, a funny reality of they own us and they’re in-charge of how we should live, they rule as government and they want to rule our lives and how we should live and the kind of things we should do, even how we should do it, sex is private they’ll say but they make the decision public and general.Pride Month

Love don’t differentiate, even lust because they’re sure of the pleasure they want and they can evolve if they want to, it’s willingness and coming to terms with the reality of what can change and what can’t, what can be changed is how we think and how we love, how we see love and sex, romance and lust, dark or bright room, bed or on the couch, drunk or with safe-words, wax or flogger, soft music or loud music, in hell or in the bliss of heaven, the real us knows what the body want, your sense understand it, that’s why it translate it in pictures for your brain and you can just imagine.Sexy Ebony

But just as they make the matter of how we have sex and who we have it their concern, so they still try to limit our imaginations and to what length we can use our imaginations, boundaries they set for us, but the reality with boundaries is, there’s always a hidden truth behind those walls they build, the truth you’ll wish you’ve discover before now, but it’s never late to break that wall of Jericho, because the truth will always hold the right freedom. Limit yourself if you want to but remember you’ll miss out of the fun, let them dictate how to lust and how to have sex and who to have it with, it’s your sense and body and your satisfaction you’re starving, all they do is make you experience humanity less, it’s your choice at the end of the day but freedom is for all, and because it’s our life,  it’s our rules to make, not theirs because we know what we want and the body want what it want.