Let’s Talk Sexy and Fat Fashion 

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Fat and sexy Confidence is the vibe right now, not conforming is the energy, being yourself and being true to you is the charm in this time in our generation, all those talk of some years past and their definition of what sexy is don’t matter anymore, everybody is beautiful and sexy, you just have to know it yourself and not somebody having to tell you that you are.

Fat and sexy The discrimination most times is with the fat girls, they get judged easily, which affects their self esteem and personality which reflects in their fashion and sense of style.

Fat and sexy I know this Instagram account that celebrates the fashion of fat women Fashion Nova Curve, with the beautiful post on this account you’ll start to rethink your harsh judgment about fat people and the idea of them not being sexy, this account is proving people wrong, saying fat people are hot too.

Fat and sexy Though getting what fits them might be a bit challenging as the fashion world tend to design majorly for the regular sizes but many fat lines are coming up and dominating the market fast, as many are tired of trying to hide their beauty and tired of wearing boring clothes.

Fat and sexyIt’s not about the size, size don’t define us, size don’t define our beauty or what we should wear, we are who we are no matter how hard we try to want to fit into the definition of what the world expect us to be, the real us is us and embracing and accepting who we are is the first step.Fat and sexy

Photo Credit : Instagram/fashionnovacurve