Let’s Travel Sometimes

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White Fashion In today’s world, civilization and experiencing new cultures and new people is the drive. The drive for a better world that we all hope for. The drive for enlightenment and new discoveries. Since we were young, as we grow up, we’ve always wanted peace, fun and happy coexistence.

Travelling is one of the best ways to be civilized, or at least to learn about civilizations and cultures, experience new people, understanding their way of life and how they live, eat their foods and experience their environments. It’s great for taking a break from the norm, from what you’ve been used to since you’ve known yourself, for experiencing new weathers, how people dress up and style themselves. You can learn new languages, start with a word or two and before you know it, you’re speaking fluently like you were born there.

They say life is beautiful and we agree, yes it is. When you explore the goodness and the fun of it, taking risks and seeking out new opportunities, you realize, this is what life is all about. It presents us with new chances, new opportunities, growth. Just like the bonus coins you get to eat or pick up in a video game, in life you have to move around to find your bonus coins. Quoting Johnnie Walker, “keep walking”, because that’s the key to bringing your dreams to life the best way you can.

So when you wonder how people relax, bear in mind that generally different things work for different people. Different experiences and ways of life make us who we are, how we think and how we see things, which in turn spells out how we relax differently and crave different things in life. Travelling is for everyone, even for the introvert. Everyone would love to do some of it in their lifetime, even though it might take them awhile before they make up their mind about leaving their comfort zones. When they finally do though, they have the best fun. So whether introvert, extrovert, recluse, workaholic, taking a break from time to time is welcome.Water Body

Experiencing new places usually helps us to refresh our minds and bodies and reset into a different reality, and not just assuming what reality for as they say reality is what we make it not what we think it to be. Sometimes we can be wrong with our perceptions and how we paint reality because of what we know and have heard, but experiencing it first hand is a different feel entirely. Your world will change, your imaginations will jump out at you, coming true to life, maybe not exactly how you’ve imagined it, but a close second. And then there are sometimes life would actually be serendipitous and play out exactly as you’ve dreamed.

In life we are like actors, without the cameras, with no rehearsals, just free styling as we go. Time is our real life viewfinder, it’s the thing that documents our time here, captures our history. So how would you want your(hi)story to be written? We can bet most people want it to be fun, like an Oscar winning movie or monster hit video on the Tube with a million hits. No one wants it boring and one of the best ways to make it so is to explore. Explore new places and new people, travel around, make new stories and make history.

While some people are relaxation experts, others might find that even when they relax, it’s still a lotta boring. Don’t despair, this is why we have lifestyle writers that pitch to us how best to relax, with tips for various ways to unwind and suggestions on places to visit. Relaxing is one of the best things that can happen to a person, mind, body and soul and let’s not forget, the brain. Eat good, try new kinds of foods if you’re a foodie. Don’t be afraid to get a bit ill from the new flavors, you’ll surely find what suits your palate (but please no poisons). Make new friends and have new company, this might be really difficult for the introverts, but there’s no harm in trying. Experience a different kind of Friday life and especially the music because hello, food to the soul. Don’t starve your soul and as you listen, move to the rhythm as the beat dictates, don’t ever say “I can’t dance”, it’s not a test of skill, and your body will be grateful to you. Your mind will be inspired by you, your soul will be uplifted with you, and your brain will be grateful for the memories, because it will always be a beautiful moment that pulls a smile out of you, maybe laugh about whenever you remember. Laughter is the best medicine they say, and no truer words have been spoken.