Life of My Dreams

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What’s your dream like? I seriously want to know, some dreams you’ll hear and you’ll be blown away, some dream you’ll hear, you’ll advice the dreamer to get high to dream again, fantasies is the dream we wish for.

My wish growing up was to exist in the cartoon world because you can do anything there without limitation unlike in real life, you’ll have to fight your enemies, there is always a villain, someone that want to hold you down not to dream or do the things you wish to do, I didn’t realize early that we live in the cartoon world here in real life, we are cartoon characters here on earth, that’s why we’re of different shapes, sizes and senses, all cartoon is beautiful especially their stories and how they present hope and glory when they conquer a quest, I will always love the joy on Popeye’s face when he’s renewed with spinach, he can do all things. It’s all a dream, they may suffer and struggle but finally they’ll succeed and when they do, they celebrate the glory of their success, bringing you watching joy that you won’t be able to wait for the next episode.

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Life is the dream in the head, the narrative and the story we tell with our everyday life, the dreams we dream is a reflection of our hopes and fear, we live the best way we can, with hope that it will all come to reality someday, just like cartoons, don’t give up, somehow you’ll find that strength, cartoon characters meet deadlines even if it’s just a second away, it can happen here too the life of our dreams, sure not immediately, except you’re a magician or you’re playing god, everything takes time to become perfect, life and dreams too but it’s possible. Wizkid encourages “if I can do it, you can do it even better” I’m sure a million and one people want to experience the kind of life Wizzy is living, the life of his dreams, he dreamt it and he worked towards it, it took him years, from EME to owning Star Boy, the story of his dreams is interesting, ours too can be.

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So ask yourself how big can you dream, why waste your time dreaming small when you can blow your mind away, put a smile on your face and make people wonder if you’re crazy, we’re crazy enough to bring to life the things we think in our head, the dreams we dream, the life we want to live and how we want our story to be told, the thrill we want people to enjoy and wish for when they hear and read our story, life of your dreams can be sweet and interesting, it can make sense to people watching, to catch the attention of people, you have to blow minds.

How mind blowing is your dreams? How mind blowing is the life you crave to live, never give up, never dream small, the creator dreamt big, everybody that have created the things we researched too, they dreamt really, really big and today we’re enjoying the life of their dreams. Blow your mind away, ours too.