Life of the Night

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Night Life We love to spend the night different, we spend the night differently and the thrills we get from it is different too, the dark night, maybe under the stars, night in the open, laying down on our back on earth with the blunt, maybe with the rum too, no phones no distractions just us under the moonlight, maybe a movie watching night with just our panties on under the blanket with our skin touching and our body having a sensual feeling, it connects with everything, our sense and our lust personality, we just love to enjoy the night different.

Girl on bed

Some sleep at night though, many snore and that night is when some people experience their worst time because their partner may snore all through the night or maybe the drunk quarrel, the abuse, the evil, night can be scary, guess that’s why many sleep at night, many just want to rest and sleep it all before the reality of the next day kick in, in the morning, a break from reality and at that time they’re out of this place, that time they use to reset to come back to life the next day, our sleep is the leave we get from reality, the break we get from experiencing humanity because we experience it all while we are awake, you might ignore certain things but they are there, they exist.

Night Girl

The rules, maybe guide about living the night in this digital age will teach you how to have a goodnight rest, they teach us to sleep at night, that’s how we’re taught, work while it is day and sleep at night because the body deserve rest, body no be firewood, but many still have sex at night, some party all night, maybe alone or with the night even, we all live in the night and we enjoyed it our different ways, some pray all night. Just as we can do all things, everything and anything can happen at night, especially you. You can happen at night.