Life Play Us Differently

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Life play us differently, just like ponds and rookie, it moves us around to experience different shades of life, every human story is beautiful and worthy to be told, the thought and different ideas our minds are made of, what we believe is true, what we feel as real. We struggle through life differently, we experience it differently, life is full of different beautiful tales, our pain, joy, hope, visions and our dreams, life we live differently.

Our jobs; most humble people are stupid people, real people, they displease themselves to please you in the name of let peace reign, it’s their reality, they enjoy it the best way they can. We find fulfillment differently, different profession, wisdom, artistry, sense and industries power the world, jobs that require more energy they underrate, people underrate energy when you put your strength to use, they pay less for that, but pay more for the use of brain.

Just like finding yourself, it’s a truthful journey that requires many self discipline, you shape yourself like you want, the influences we attract is what develop us, our brain develop like we want it to, what we want to know and what we don’t want to know we care less about.

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The male ego and the tradition of old times prove strength is what makes you a man, warriors and great farmers, different trades took the place of those profession as time civilized. As the transport system of the country change, life of workers around the system changed too, from working at the train station, to working at the lorry park, to working at the truck pack as the trend of Lorries fade out. Different aspect of business requires different systems of transportation to deliver goods to customers at different locations, so they develop a peculiar system of transportation to meet the demands of their business, trucks for heavy goods since railway is almost not functioning.

In Lagos, people hustle, Lagos will remold you to its own standard before you can live here, it will bring you to your real truth. Some decide to use their strength because it’s what they believe in and some decided to use their brain, some their talents.

It’s the story of horrible bosses at the sanitary ware warehouse, best wares you’ll find there, they design wares even, their products are pretty and expensive, good luxury, trust Igbo man, they know what their people want and how to entice them, they want to chop their money, relaxing the best style they can afford, they design to their taste. Like in the civilized world where machines do the lifting and arrange the goods because of how delicate they are, here they employ humans to do the job of machines and pay less because its strength after all, you strong, you get power, the compliment they entice them with, drugs and kaya’n chargi sold more to give them more strength.

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We all love to be respected, for the little we do, makes us want to try more, when you’re not appreciated, you gradually loose interest, either in the place of work or with who you’re working with. People see Abokis, Motor Pack boys, Agberos as people that have no self esteem, they do, the reason why they fight, taking over garages, loyal to who they’re loyal to but when they start to feel disrespected, they loose interest, same thing applies to how we work with our bosses.

Bosses reign cause on the guys at the sanitary ware loading and offloading section, most of these guys are superstitious, they fear and respect the power of the tongue, the words that comes out of the mouth, they endure still, humble to him like mumu, but one day mumu dey get sense he told himself the truth, he moved on and find his way to a better horrible boss, he couldn’t bare it anymore the things the boss says to him.

The boss acknowledge his worth and miss him immediately he told him he’ll not be working with him again, he was sad and concerned, he already concluded he’ll lie if need be, to him (the boss) he believed he’s treating them right when sometimes he’ll send them on errand and expect them to use their money for transportation, he asked if he was traveling and he jumped on it, yes I dey travel, he received his salary and never returned, months later when he asked if anybody is in contact with Ali, they told him he’s around in the yard, “the thing pain the man” but I wait for five years thinking say one day he go change but he no change and no be say the money plenty oo, for the kind work wey we dey work, work wey forklifts supposed dey do na him human being dey do,” “if anyone fall na gbese, if e fall on you gbese, if e fall on hin own wahalla, see risk fa”