Life Sometimes

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Art of Ori

Art by Laolu

Life sometimes is different, every time is different from how we’ve imagined, but we live through it the best way we could. Ashamed, dejected and depressed we live through sometimes coping and hoping it will all change, someday, soon.

The day will be bright so we sleep not,

Our lamp is filled with oil

Make it happen we pray everytime we pray,

We long for success; we want your glory, all of it,

Take all your glory in my life,

You’re all I have, don’t break my heart

Bring down your glory

Let it dwell with us

Perfect is everything you created

You created me, so I’m perfect

Live me according to your wish

All of me I give to you

I trust you, I do

You’ll surprise me

Having hope can be difficult

But still we have it

In that faith we live daily