Light in Us

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Gold and Silver

We all have light in us, beautiful fire that’s constantly burning in our heart, fire of love, of the goodness that’s in humanity, it’s big enough in all of us to beautify the world.

The light in us is the hidden truth the darkness tries to overpower and every day we constantly fight the darkness. We fight the light sometimes because we are not sure what light or darkness is because we have been manipulated and lied to. We struggle to know the truth so we searched for it inside of us but we found it somewhere else, the wrong dark place with different energy that drains the power of believe in us. The power we possess is to illuminate us and the earth, to bring to life the love in us that will survive humanity. Darkness has drain many of us to possess dark energy, causing us pain and blurry visions, visions of lies and false reality that’s affecting how we treat ourselves, our environment and the people around us.

Golden Girl

The dark energy is draining the light we came to earth with, we need to find that light, all we need to give power back to that light, to make it strong again, to help us see bright and clearly is us, but we don’t know so we find light from another source. Unreliable source take advantage of the light in us and convert it to dark light, dark light produce stronger power, it’s mixed for the wrong reasons and it’s consuming. When refined we’re more powerful but we hate to be refined, when refined we fulfill our purpose with clear understanding of what we are made for, why we are here and why the light is in us. Until we recognize that light in us before we’ll know the beauty of that light, but before then we’ll be manipulated and misused.

Find your light to get freedom.