Like a goddess

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Like a goddess in her elegance and beauty, in her glory and power and charm, in her sexiness and her plain self with the thought of a better humanity, the feel of existence and the glory and honor of mankind, the look and the joy and the sadness but not allowing it to halt the process of perfection and attaining the glory of each moment, the worship of the spirit that dominate us to be real and human and to be exactly how we are meant to be, the real human, feeling it all.

Like a goddess in love, her prowess, her charm and comfort and seductive charm you’ll love to dwell in, to make every moment more perfect, the combination of your greatness and her glory to make the moment a one in time, to build and create memories that will forever be cherished in time and the world will be grateful for the moment shared and the beautiful gift it produced, the true feeling, the happiness, the satisfaction and the joy of the fulfilment of the hunger the soul has longed for, the crave of satisfaction, of happiness, of laughs and moan, and dead eyes, breathless and lust.

Reign Global. Goddess The adornment of a goddess, the gold, the accessories of her natural aura and grace, the fashion of a goddess, the glamorous glory of the pureness of her heart and thought of glorious compliment, from the clouds of fashion that are meant only for the goddess but can be harnessed only by the goddess, the vibe and the glory, the honor of precious adornment that speaks, the scars that made her glory the world is seduced with, the marks that represent the different lines of the things and experience that made her, the artistic drawing that trace her back to her root, her believe, the origin of her glory and charm.

APIIM Sexy goddess Her confidence and her love for herself, her body, the beauty of it even in the break of the day or in the dead of the night or in the bright day time, her love for her body never diminish, her glory you’ll see on the body, the beauty that consume your thought and all you’ll want to do will be love your body as much, the curves that made her, she’ll make you appreciate and celebrate yours, making you discover the beauty and charm in yours, the priceless glory you possess, lifting your spirit and your mood.

“Do not let anyone make you feel like it is weird…not normal (normal does not exist) …when you day dream and visualize. Keep the imagination of a child, your recess never ends. When you day dream, make sure it aligns with your goals and where you want to see yourself. When you day dream rather than writing and worrying about your goal…you are more playful, imaginative and the picture inside our head leads to FEELING ..which is the closest to manifestation…11:11”-Reign APIIM

Reign Global and Laolu All power in you, all power in her, the power to be a goddess, to be filled with the glory available to us as humans, to the much we can do and achieve and attain, like a goddess, you have the power to do great and be who you want to be, your imaginations, your creative self, making this place a better place, a better earth, adding value and fading away hate and impossibilities, for everything is possible, just think it, dream it and keep the child innocent you, the kind of dreams you dreamt as a child, live illusions in real life for it’s possible, just like a goddess.

Every time, the universe have it’s way of communicating to us, the universe just reach out to us every time, but somehow we might be distracted and don’t know, our ego maybe, the lies we tell our self sometimes are the  reason why and we loose and miss the information, the universe reach out every time to guide, send you signs, you feel it and within you, you’ll know, like a goddess all you need to do is concentrate more than a little, listen and look inward and be real, be the real you, feel the energy, it doesn’t lie, follow it leads just like a goddess, let it possess you and fill you with the glory that’s meant for you.goddess of water

“Come here baby love have a seat. Let me give you life, restore your body..soul and mind. Make you feel what being high off life is like.. Make you feel magic is real from the stories that heal.. Let me touch your spirit while I tell you stories of manifestation, flowing, signs, divinity.. Let me be a reflection of your most powerful self…Through my being and my loving you…you will feel like and become even more of the King you are. Let me show you what real love is. I found a real one that lets me do all of those things…is now ready and never leaves…while keeping my open wild energy balanced, grounding me and forever keeping it gangsta at the same time. I need dat. Both the spiritual and the uncut is a recipe to keep your last fuck far away. We elevate and grow while never forgetting our beginnings…why we do what we do, where we came from, the very things that make us who we are today. Everyday is a story, stomach aching laughs, a movie. You activate me in every single way and even the crazy ways lead me to find my truth, leads me to evolve why I allow certain things to take me out of my element…Leading me back to staying more in my element than ever before. Thank you for teaching me in the way I ran from for so long…For simply being honest, being you and being here no matter what❤️❤️❤️❤️Just sharing how I feel today…I’ve been sensitive in all ways and everything is flowing like water…Watching my story unfold in front of my eyes is surreal…Thank you to those who are writing it with me”- APIIM Fall in love, Lust for life, be like a goddess.