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Little Cousin


Sometimes we can’t really tell how far we’ve come until a situation or person remind us of whom we’ve turned out to be in that space of time, for we grow every day and every day we become the dream us, only if we try though. But sometimes the people around us make us appreciate the value of life and growth, especially when it’s family, like a cousin you’ve watch grow to be who she is today, that’ll inspire you to want to own that moment with them because of who you too have turned out to be.

As a photographer, you have a different eye and you see beauty and art differently, it’s another version of human being you see and most times it’s always beautiful to capture the look and document that moment because it’s the life you live, your craft.Omo_harkin

Every-day we find us, every-day we find meaning to different things that happen around us, every-day we find answer to life and how we turn out to be who we are, and why we are the way we are, why some things happen the way they do even and sometimes it make no sense, we even try to see little light sometimes, to want to understand why this things are like this, but just like growing up, we want to grow up fast when we were little and being little make almost no sense because we have the strength and the vision and beautiful creative mind and we just want to be adult already and when we finally turn out to be that adult that we’ve always dreamt about, everything changed and we find a different meaning to this thing called life and fulfillment. Though it might not make sense right now but someday it will.Storyteller

But before it will make sense, let’s love one another and have fun and talk the mind talk, even about our experience as human and the knowledge of our heart, even the bond of family, let’s take beautiful pictures and hangout with big cousin that will take us beautiful photo for free like Omo_Harkin taking thefifteenth his cousin pictures that got us double tapping at our screen and making us wish we are that little cousin, now that we are adult we wish to be a child again, maybe to freeze time at fifteen even.