Live in the moment 

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Women Street FashionYou know they say be careful for what you wish for, because it might just come alive, well throwing all caution to the wind right now and about to make this wish. Can so bet many of my wish can come alive, how will it feels if Friday was a free sin day and you can just go really wild I bet Friday will be one of the most treasured day on earth.

Fridays are meant to be fun, at the beginning of a new Monday I already start planning what Friday should look like, love to be creative with Friday, maybe it’s because am from Lagos like many people will say, we’re just the life of the party, we keep fun alive and throw worries to the deep. Love to follow what was written on my 16th birthday card from my cousin which reads “Do all the fun things twice”, I so love the sentence. Friday is a ritual, perform it.

Well we don’t do it twice because we are never out of ideas, we just think out of the box and create what you might call wild or maybe weird. The plan for this Friday came on Saturday morning when I found out I’ve been listening to one song for six hours, this is the second time am experiencing this, the first was with King Teddy and now with me, Amy Winehouse is one of the greatest human that ever lived she was a blessing to the music world and I so love her for that because over the years she has been a major influence in my life and her sense of creativity is one thing I really appreciate and love and this Friday it’s about spicing it up with the influence of her.

You want to guess what it’s going to look like? Well don’t stress it much, lots of party this weekend Moët 24hrs Party is on the list of the fun of the weekend and some comedy shows too to catch with friends it’s going to be lots of fun and dancing and laughing.

What will you be doing this weekend? Bring fun alive as you spend your weekend and create happy and beautiful sex too, share your time with the one you love doing what you love, spend less time worrying, spend less time thinking about your sorrows and pain they will fade away definitely, it may not seem so this moment but they will at the end of the day, so don’t waste the moment, live in it.