Live Like You’re Famous Already #happynewmonth

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Fashion Girl You wake up and you discover it’s another month you’ve wake into, now last night has become history of last month and you’re here now at the start to make another history that’ll be told maybe to the next generation if it’s that interesting to stand the test of time or to be told next month when you remember this month, but like the tradition of the world on social media Happy New Month and may the odds of this month be in our favor.

So let’s dream again and be alive again and forget the past so that it won’t keep us there and live in the present while we hope for the future to be that great version that we’ve always hope to be, let’s do all the interesting things and be awesome, let’s outshine ourselves and fuck the mainstream, fuck the world and their cultures, the culture that has limit us, let’s make the world a better place, let’s make it our world, interesting and beautiful.

Fun Girl Be a leader and lead right, even with your fashion and lifestyle just make it interesting and real and attractive, be irresistible, bring your seductive power to life and seduce the world that they can’t help but fall for your charm, easier said than done right? But good things don’t just come you’ll always have to pay the price, the price you can always afford, the price that is you and it all balls down to how do you want to write history and how do you want your story to be told, we all love to be the hero, but heroes don’t just wake up one day to be that hero, the design their world and shape it the way they want it to be, so how well can you design your own world, dream big.

So sleep again and dream again, design your world again and again and again until it look like the one in your dreams and live it like you dream, practice make perfect they say, so practice how you’ll live that life even before you achieve it, like they’ll always say dress like you’re famous already.