Living in Fashion New Time 

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It’s taking over our time and lives making it interesting and beautiful, and colorful our thoughts influenced in fabrics and our ego too, our pride of what we are and who we are, showing the world how we should be perceive, our style brings it all out and they influence our daily lives in fabrics and designs and dreams and trends. Seeing everything from the dream of the designers, the joy of their creation. Just as we dream in colors we think in fashion these days, we think in creativity, everybody beginning to be influenced by the new religion of the world, clothes and creativity the expression of freedom from the tireless hopes of the dark ages, the creativity engulf us and give hope of making the world a better place, the possibility of everybody can be happy, and everybody deserve to be happy, our mode of expression of how happy and free we are is the style, the fashion.

When we wear clothes the pride is different especially when it’s a piece we cherish, we feel different a different vibe possesses us and our face get lighted up, the happiness of clothes, sometimes it’s the fabric the clothes are made in, sometimes it’s the sewing and the shape and the design of it, they fill us differently with joy and soothing comfort, our confidence they build even the imaginations in our thinking changes and hopes and colors fill our minds, our body feels differently, they just correct our mood and feed our ego to boost our definition of style.

What matters is beginning to change even when it almost doesn’t matter but the comfort of pleasure is changing the thought of what does matter and what doesn’t, we care and nurse the idea of the trends we want and fantasize about how and when to wear them and the kind of emotions and vibe you’ll want to possess when you wear them, it’s living your hope, dreams and bringing fantasies to life which shapes what you think and how you think what you think, the peace and the joy to creatively go about your living, it breeds hopes and joy and friendship, even the emotions they house after you’ve pull them off, the memories they make.

It’s takes our boredom away the worries of what to wear, steady thinking and analyzing, the sense in the mix of trends and colors and fabrics, the beautiful look they create, comforting and ego boost, the joy of self, it’s pride and the strength it gives us.