Living in Loop Holes

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I may be twisted but you’re so unkind the things you make us do, the lies you told us when we were young that made us have this sense that’s making us fall into pieces in our heart, but we can’t say it out loud because of what they will interpret it to be, the culture that has inspire the wisdom of their sense, you can’t blame them, you can’t blame us, all we know and do is live, that’s why we’re here, making living interesting the best way we can, so we suggest to them let’s live, let’s make it fun even.

So we live according to the thought of our heart, the person we are, the personality that brand us to be who we are, we live on the loop holes of the cultural rules they made, for rules are meant to be broken, let’s break it already while we live, the new culture we live by, finding new meanings in the things of old that they’ve created to shape our lives the way we are shaped, how we see things, let’s live forever we remind ourselves, the mantra of this time, the advocacy against committing suicide, stay alive.Depression

The picture in our head often they say shape how we see things and how we live even, some are just for the show, and when it’s not real, quickly it fades, so memories is all we make, the monument of time we create, living every moment and making it worthwhile, the world we entertain, us too.

Love is the answer to everything, the making of love too, new life we co-create, new body communication, enjoying the conversation between our bodies, the language they speak we love and what we feel, we lust too, we just don’t want to stop, let’s love the idea of living forever, love everybody.

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