Living Reality

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Real LifeLiving reality can be so overwhelming, guess that’s why people get feared by the things they can do that they often just decide to quit even before they get started and you’ll wonder who are you not to know how much we can do as human, as humans, we can do all things and the world will always adapt to everything that we do, guess that’s why they’ll say if you can think it, you can do it, the world will always adapt.

The creator obviously create this place earth to see the wonders of his hands and the much the people he created can do for themselves so he created us into this workshop where we can do all things and it will come out the way you want it to and there’s a market already for it, that’s the world, whatever you bring, they will accept, all you have to do is just create and that’s why we can create anything, we can be anybody, you can especially be yourself but just like the class captains and unions, somebody will always want to lead and that’s the society, all they want to do is own us, shape us to their command.

Fat Fashion

Superiority and owning is a trend of life that has shaped us, we all feel superior in our body differently, we feel our body is more expensive than some bodies, just as some boobs are more expensive than another these days, but it’s all same skin with different complexion, same features the different sex have but in different size and shape, just like life, our nudity is the only thing that unify us, even as expensive as we may feel, our body and skin is the nudity of humans that unify us and take away the shame the society and media try to incorporate to our skin and reality.

So let’s live reality with the awareness of we can be who we want to be and the world will love us still, because the real reality is life, which is meant to be experienced and you can only experience life when it’s you ruling your world.