Looking Good for Love

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Self LoveLooking good is to be in love with oneself, falling hopelessly in love with the body that has house you since birth and when you’re in love all you think about is your lover and the kind of fun you have when you are with your lover, how it makes you make each other happy, happiness is falling in love, happiness is looking good.

Love is the greatest, it’s pure and happy and always fun, love is the best feeling you can experience as human, when you fall in love everything changes, life gets a new meaning, a bright light that just leads the way, even as everything will be happening fast, every single second, you don’t want it to end, that’s true love, falling in love is awesome, even the thought of it liberates you and put a smile on your face.

Turban Though some have been hurt and heart broken in love, taking advantage of and cheated which has left them with bruised ego, so they hate the idea of falling in love because instead of it to make them, it broke them and now they are shredded and apart, which will definitely hurt anyone. Though we hurt differently and we heal differently.

How we move on after heartbreak is usually the definition of the kind of strength we have and our level of hope and trust.

Lust for fashion But love makes us appear differently every time, the kind of smile we wear on our face and how we dress even, the colors we wear and the trends too, especially the lingerie and how they fit on our body, when we are in love our body we take seriously because love radiate and shine its light on every part of us, our ego and even how we think which all this influence our choice of wardrobe and how good we look, good love makes us happy and sharp and bad love makes us loose ourselves.