Lost and Lonely 

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We usually don’t know how much we have in us sometimes until we found ourself in the situation that needs that us and our body will just adapt to bring the us that is needed out.
It was preplanned with time to meet at the location but the energy of that day was off, full of anger and annoyance, it was rude energy day, as we wait endlessly for some of the crew member and we later have to deal with really bad roads and at some point not motorable so we have to carry the props and equipment with hand and even on our head, trekking down the uneven fadama dry land, at another point it became dusty sand that stain and stick to your legs, about five minutes trek to the exact spot, a good location with the sun setting at a beautiful angle and the mosque tall tower dome arranged in four like a clustered light house side by side, beautiful location we agreed placing the vintage burnt brown sprayed wooden chair at the cross road, ash soft dusty sand. 

The makeup artist began work as we are already behind schedule not wanting to lose daylight, the camera crew starts to set up too and the stylist arranging the clothes for the shoot and she discovered the battery for the flash is not in the bag, it was killing and mood crunching, our heart broke many times in micro seconds, the day was having a kinda of influence on all of the activity the only option was for the sister to bring it to us on set, though far and dusty and she’s asthmatic and she’ll have to trek through the dusty soft sand and a kind of harmattan breeze blowing that evening and a threat of rain, so we waited for her while she set the equipment and the makeup artist using the time while we wait. 

More of a usual occurrence around this side of the world when you are creatively doing an open door craft in public place or a secluded area the street comes for what they believe is their right, more of right to stay to work there. They rode in a yellow tricycle four of them two at the front and two behind, they came to halt the shoot if we are not willing to pay them off, their dues, we didn’t have to negotiate much since we already know it’s a ritual but it was annoying at how it has already became a norm, the camera assistant moved closer to them to pay them the dues and they gave us assurance and the validation for us to remain there and do what we came to do, we are already rearranging our things as they were calling the attention of some of their gang, so they left and we finish set up, the makeup artist done and she’s in the cloth for the shoot, a single thigh ripped carton brown chinos, a wrapped white shirt with same material as rope and a brown Zara jacket with fur inside and a red pumps, to prevent the dust from sticking on her clothes she was carried like a princess by her prince to the chair at the cross road and after some few rehearsing shot she was willing to take advantage of the daylight while we wait for the battery.

She looked different from afar, tired and lazy she walk the hilly topography, she brought the batteries, she was coughing too, she sat a little to catch her breathe and use her inhaler after awhile she left, the weather there was not conducive for her, with the flash on now we are ready to shoot. 

It was not coming out as we’ve pictured in our head, the discouragement was obvious on our faces but somehow we are masking it, loosing daylight already, trying different pose, different placement of the chair somehow the mood was coming alive, Mo was getting into the mood and she was bringing the expression bored and lost in the middle of nowhere, with some few shots she was cool so we changed outfit for the floral gown and the white converse and the Zara jacket, a particular pose caught our attention and for every time she try to catch the pose she falls out of the pose, it was funny and annoying too like we just have to catch this pose and after some many tries we got it. Some men still came around claiming they own the land and asking what we are doing on the land, little argument and we came to agreement as we pick the final outfit for the “Lost and Lonely Shoot” an aqua green polyester Reportáge cardigan and a blue distressed jumper jean and a brown boot. The next location still in the farm is at a collapse bridge, as we trek to the spot Mo shouted in pain something bite her from inside the jeans, with fear we rush to pull down the jean to see the cricket flying out crushed it with my feet as she rubs off the bitten spot and praying it’s not something else but the cricket. 

Phones blaring calls of where are you and the report of bad weather and security reasons of why we should be indoor already, with the pain of the bite and the tiredness of the trek and the loneliness of the night and whispering dusty wind and the eagerness of the rounding up of the shoot her mood was right for the last set of shots by the collapse bridge and we pack up and walk another long dark walk to the car. Lucky us he was just coming back from the fuel station for the car as we ran out of fuel when we got there after a few try the car came to live and we manover through the bad road to get to the tarred road. We got home in one piece everybody dropping at different bus stop, just for us to discover Motolani forgot her phone in the car, she was dialing the number with hope someone good will pick up to tell her where and how to get the phone, Dan saw the light of a phone came up beside him and he screamed No it didn’t done on us why he was shouting No so we stared at him curiously and he said Tola left her phone, as he picked up he told her the phone is in the car, we could hear her laugh of relief from the other side of the call.

Lost and lonely, we get lost sometimes but the beauty of getting lost is the road to been found, our struggle to survive to find ourself back again to link the right path to our destination, somehow we get confused when lost, all road leads to almost no where because we can’t see pass some few meters away but a little calm in the spirit can do the magic and with that alone time we can find the right vibe and path.

Just because the spirit is right now doesn’t mean the boredom will not be there, the loneliness of self, alone in the world, but it’s usually the time to look inward to find the spark, the fulfillment of being lonely to create something beautiful with the time alone, the brainstorming hour to think deep into your fantasy and aspirations, the long time goal.

Photography by Motolani Olorungbon 

Styled by Mouyor Buttons 

Makeup by Baybee Bella

Model – Modupe Esuola