Love Earth

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Lagos Waterline

Lagos City. Photographed by Kelechi Amadi

We are supposed to be humans with many abilities to do humanity greater good, to better this place called earth. The world have house us for generations, even though it purges itself of toxic and unhealthy hate that resides in the DNA of humans but she welcome us back every time with better place to function and act right.

It’s suppose to be a world of much love and beautiful things which is free to tap into to create beautiful technology that will better existence, making it worth it and interesting to be human. Being human and alive is interesting as the potentials we posses is endless, millions of ideas to have, love to share, giving hope to the hopeless and feeding the poor. Earth provide us with nourishing food, fruit and plants, even vegetables that heals and transport our minds to think of greater truth, the freedom of our existence.

Beautiful clouds and energy the earth emits to conquer every obstacle to make new things from it. Earth is where all the pleasure resides and you can live forever in the beauty of its pureness. Though not all of it is pure, there’s blood soaked energy, greed of humans to boost their ego, to ruthlessly rule over the daft and senseless, those that listen to the lies they tell to steal what is theirs, their common sense to believe the moral of their greed.

Nigerian Idols

Photographed by Kelechi Amadi

We love, worship and celebrate this place. Every complete rotation we celebrate with loud parties, drinks and lots to eat. With our body we celebrate, we share it with the one we love. Lots of love is the answer to the hate people of the world holds, the solution to the many killings and bombings, looting and making of weapons. They lie to us about love, about weapons that are created to kill another human for pride, they preach peace with guns and strong men, destroying the wonders of our time, our decorations of earth, the conducive atmosphere she has provide us with. For their selfish interest, they created some diseases for their profit to make humanity suffer from the success of their technology.

The earth is beautiful, interesting, of great energy and vibe that can last billions of years. Even with the hate she still hold her beauty, what if it’s filled with more love and passion to better it, to fulfill the purpose of creation. Some things you can’t explain its existence, like the water inside coconut, I thought to myself, maybe the coconut had plan ahead, saving enough water to keep it fresh till it’s ready to be eaten. Palm wine that takes us to where we want to be, even meat from the wide.

Lagos City

Lagos City. Photographed by Kelechi Amadi

Simplest things seem the hardest to explain and understand, we search for them in the nook and craning of the world while they are right in front of us. Answers boldly written for us to see but we neglect it, searching for it in the darkest place of our heart where hate and silly things resides, fart polluted thinking. We need to understand that the answer is love.

Love is pure and harbors no hate or greed. It’s true and not of lies even when you’re wronged, love make you think of the other person. The earth is a big house that is supposed to be fun and interesting, a house where the party never stops, full of smiles and happy, lots of food and drinks to go round, great music and fashion. Love, maybe lust for one another with the right intentions, sex are meant to be good with pure intentions of sharing happiness and joy, appreciating and respecting the other person’s body, it’s supposed to be a house of fun.

It’s all about love, not selfish love but real love that heals, like Kendrick said we are created to love, make your actions and craft out of love, love yourself and humanity at large, love is real and fun.