Love Letter

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Dear Babe,

Never thought this day will come, still strange how it all started but here we are right now, I’m in love with the girl that twist the story of my existence to beautiful, sexy, naughty and crazy, daring too. It was lust at first sight, a mixture of lust and love now, I dream of you even in the day, you’re all I think of every-time and I want to keep doing that for the rest of my life, I want to kiss those beautiful lips and keep having sex with you for the rest of my life.

Remember that old toasting line “you’re the only sugar in my tea, the only cockroach in my cupboard” you’re honey in my life babe, sugar is not healthy they say, you’re healthy to me, you make my body and brain come to alive, you’re my muse, the vibe that inspire me to want to do more and be more.

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Temi DollFace

I wonder how we got here this fast, you’re a witch, my beautiful witch, I pledge allegiance to you, don’t you ever leave me even when I’m low please don’t go, I’ve seen it on TV before, read about it in books how it goes when people are angry, they leave, promise you’ll never leave.

Want to love you forever, don’t want this us to stop, let’s keep going, never stop, we’ll be the love they narrate in books, let’s do this for eternity, I want to lust after you for forever, never do I want to have enough of you, no vibe like yours, eyes, lips and breast.

As I openly profess my love to you today, I want to look back to this day someday in eternity and be grateful I make this decision to fall hopelessly in love with everything you are.

Let’s rock and roll to eternity together.

Guess who…..