I’m In Love and I Love It

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Fashion Girl Falling in love is beautiful, falling hopelessly in love is awesome, especially when it’s from a beautiful heart and a creative one, the heart that never sleeps, the heart that look beautiful and sexy and attractive every time, the heart that loves you back twice as much, love is a beautiful thing, real life illusion and fantasy, the romance of two hearts.

So it was a beautiful day, a day like every other normal day until it took a different turn, the turn that has changed my life forever, with a permanent smile plastered on my face and the glow of a sexy princess, the compliment that never stops, the romance, the cure to my ego and the caress that makes me love and appreciate my skin even more, the comfort, the pride, the charm and the look, even the scent I perceive every time, life in love is definitely one to live and enjoy and to relish every single time. Falling in love, I never regret it, even many tend not to see it from my own point of view, some times when I express my love, some judge while some appreciate the gesture and the expression, the bold sometimes daring charm, the sexiness and the sassiness, the feeling of love, maybe lust.

Love of FashionThe very moment the proposal came I didn’t think twice before saying yes because right there I know the right answer, and I was not wrong, it was the best perfect decision, influenced by the glamour and beauty, the confidence and sparkles, the colors and fabrics, the art of it.

Really can’t remember the exact day I fell in love with fashion, maybe from the womb but I know it was a day blessed from fashion heaven, my union with fashion is a romantic one that teaches me about life and existence and how to be confident and aspiring, inspiring too as it encourages me to bring my thoughts to reality, the visions it helps paint in my head, creativity and the mix of different trends and cultural influence too, the rebel and the non-conformist living that makes me different, that makes me a fashion girl.