Falling in Love With Form

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Photography by Motolani Olorungbon Nude PhotoOne of the interesting appreciation the world is learning and coming into at the moment is the awareness of the body and its appreciation, not that humans don’t know we have skin or live in a body, but we appreciate it less, we treat it like it doesn’t matter, using all sort of products all in the name of wanting to make it a better complexion but we harm it instead, even it size, instead of it bringing us joy, it affect our self esteem because we are not of the size approved by the beauty standard of the world, our complexion even they treat like a second class human, but we are aware now, we’ve seen the light.

Just like Harnaam Kaur after several years of hurting her skin because of her facial hair she came to realization that she’s special the way she is, she was created for a reason, a purpose and ever since she apologized to her body, her life changed, her purpose she began to fulfill. Our body is everything, because without our body there’s no life, we’re not living, the life we live and the hope of the next moment is because we dwell in a body, that body that has house us since we were born to earth.

Beautiful Body Sexiness one of the most beautiful adjective that can be used to qualify the body, to appreciate the beauty of the skin, the classification of sexiness too has change over time, what used to be sexy during some past generation faded away and a new definition and type of body became sexy but times has change and a new definition of sexiness is what the world is experiencing right now and it is, we are all sexy and beautiful just the way we are, in any size, complexion, body shape or attributes, as humans we are beautiful.

This new definition is changing the world and bringing confidence to many, making them appreciate the beauty they possess inside, their form, the art that they really are. Times are changing and we are loving it, we’re loving our body every single day because of how it makes us feel, the comfort and the feel, the compliment it makes us receive.Yoga Photography

An Ode to “Form” the Body

When I wake up in the morning, my body wakes with me, it reassures me of the beauty I hold inside, of the greatness that lies within, it shows me beauty and gives me an idea of what to wear on it, to make me even look more beautiful and alive.

My body that has House me since existence, my true bestie, the skin that has made me enjoy those glorious touches and stroking during the hour of lust and pleasure.

My body that has given me the reason to want to shop and wear beautiful new trends, my body my love, the boost to my self esteem, I’ll forever fall in love with you, even the scars on them, even the thunder thighs, you’ve thought me the best lesson of humanity, you’ve thought me confidence and you giving me love.

I’m in Love, with my form, my body.

Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

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