Love you, Love the World.

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It’s not new how everybody is taking over there body, how they are declaring their love for their body, their person, the confidence they now have in it and how sorry they are for allowing the society to judge and make them appreciate their body less, right now the world is falling in love with body, any kind of body, the world is learning again.

Not new how many have wanted just one kind of body because we’ve been made to believe that’s the only sexy and healthy kind of body, everybody want sexy trust me, it’s the confidence they tend not to have, we all love good compliment and how people will appreciate our body and size but we can’t always dance to the tune of the society or what other people think because other people’s thinking may ruin us.

So this year’s fever has been, falling in love with your body. A lot of benefits has come to our awareness as we learn about our body, the many abilities we possess, the dynamic of the human brain and how we actually have no limit to what we can achieve, we can achieve everything, anything, we are limitless, it’s a new world right now, a world that is changing from its timid days to boldness, to learning how to love everybody with their differences, to respect and love.

Love starts with us, we loving ourselves, love is the respect we have for ourself, the appreciation of self that will make you want to respect the next person because you understand that person as human not as a particular kind of race or age or sex or how they have sex even, love have no rules or policies, just love, selfless love, love you, love the world.

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