Love Yourself

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Cynthia Olorungbon

Loving myself, sounds more like a cliché, like I’m a narcissist, yes I have to love myself but why do I have to remind myself that I have to love myself, in this generation you have to keep track of yourself, if not you’ll lose yourself and if you lose yourself, you may never find you, may be lost forever or too lazy to get back to the starting point, to start all over and be yourself again. In this present time, everything will make you enjoy losing yourself, the society and the media, the mentality of people even; we’re usually more acceptable if you lose yourself because you’ll just be like every other person that has lost themselves, basically to lose yourself is to be normal.

We’re wired differently, and when you are not a popular kid, most times is because you’re different and they’ll always judge what’s strange to them because they are used to mingling and living with people that have lost themselves. So you are strange because you’re still in touch with who you are and that’s strange to them. Being true to yourself is you knowing you and what you want, a clear goal they will say, focused mind with a dream that you really, really want to bring to life and you just let it lead the way, while you follow and people just wonder why do you have to trust a dream to lead the way, because it’s just a dream to them and besides it’s not their dream so they don’t know the satisfaction, the fulfillment of what the dream means to you.

Funmi Iyanda

They’re quick with the name calling and the branding of personality, calling it what they feel it is and so they make their laws and policies to meet the standard of the people they are familiar with, the ones that are lost, the ones that accept the basics in life, the ones that don’t dream or maybe have the understanding of dreams is just dreams, those are the people the policies are for, the “rules abider”, they conform and they accept without thinking it through and even though they do, they have no option but to accept, they have no right even because they gave them their power and their rights and now they’re lost with no power, no right.

But loving yourself is about knowing you and accepting you, your body and your story, you can fake it or live in denial, but the reality will always be real and that you can’t change most-times, so why hide in the shadow of self, why hate your story, it’s you, it can build you if you let it, because it’s killing you already, it’s killing humanity. Self hate is killing our mentality and it’s affecting our level of love for the other person, it’s affecting our level of the love we need to radiate, for the true power we all want is love and though can be manipulative, but know yourself first and what you want, love is the answer to the questions we ask daily, the meaning of us.

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