Lovers of Love and Fashion

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Fashion Skin

Mouyor Buttons and Cynthia Olorungbon shot by Motolani Olorungbon

I got comfortable but I don’t want any funny vibes out there, though I love the idea of us, I love us and I’m proud of us and the kind of fun we make, but I’m scared of the world and what they can do to us, to our love because they will always judge us and they will be glad if they succeed to end us, so let’s hide from the world a little longer till we are sure they will have nothing on us, to make us unbreakable, so I thought until I realize there’s never a perfect moment, you only create the perfect moment yourself, so we stop mixing with the world and we made our own world where life is beautiful and fashionable, where life is as we want it to be.

Reality is never like in the dream, sometimes even when you style yourself in your head, wearing the cloth in reality sometimes will need adjustment and a different attitude, different from the one you had in mind when you were styling yourself but fuck it, it’s a perfect moment out of the reality that’s not as you’ve pictured, that’s reality, that’s real life where variables change and you just have to change with it to bring your dreams to life or you quit, the choice is always yours.

Fashion Lovers

Mouyor Buttons and Cynthia Olorungbon shot by Motolani Olorungbon

We love, love, even peace, though they created guns and people kill people, but we all wish for peace and love, even lust and we really just want to have fun, though some want to create and make money, some just want to enjoy and have fun, so creative people turned it into money making industry and that’s why they now advice you to stick to what you love and go deep, find what you love and let it kill you, we can die for what we love right? Somebody died on the cross after-all for the love of the world. Some people’s history the world will never forget, they worked for the life they want, the life they’ve dreamt about, it’s about the price and we can always afford to pay that price, we are always rich enough, you just have to know it.

So life we live, though some wish for the opposite of life, the luxury many wish for while some are tired of it, some are scared of losing it, but in the same world we live in, same air we take in and that popular question comes to mind especially during the down moment when you’re wishing you’re more successful, when you wish you’re the one in the photo that have million likes on Instagram, some will say it’s not their real life and they call them fake but the reality is, the picture is beautiful and attractive with over a million likes and you wish for this, you wish this could be you, maybe its fake, you can get yours, real, some don’t mind the fake though, everything got its price but its less stressful when its real, you’ll have nothing to hide and you can do anything, you can be whoever you want to be, but you have to be willing to put in the work.

Don’t leave me alone lover, don’t you ever go, let’s conquer the world together, let’s paint a new picture that will preach possibilities and love, maybe lust.