Lust for Tuesday After Work

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Beautiful Romance Let’s go slow, it’s more fun that way, the sensual seduction and the lust in our eyes, the anticipation of the things we can do to ourselves, the touch and enjoying of the dimmer, the love and the heat we want to put on each other, the exchange of tongue, teaching ourselves new things that we love, our ideas and how we relate to the moments.

Our love, our lust, our eyes, my lipstick, your cologne and strong body, your strength, the ideas in your head, the visions that flows with honey and sweet words, the passion of your person, your lust of life like the royals, the crazy you make me do and the love of silk, our love for red, the lipstick and the lingerie, lace that bite gently into my skin when you drag them tight, the strength of your carry when you spin me round, the sounds the buttons make when you unbutton, the long zap the zip make even.Lust of the Night

Love, you make me believe again just when I was wondering how it found me, the butterflies you make them color my visions with the colors of their feathers, our love you redefine, the definition of love and lust, our passion for the things that glorify humanity, that defines the joy and strength and good thought we possess, the truth and good embedded in us, the happy strong vibe that keeps us urban and recent, what they’ll interpret as arrogance is the secret weapon that thrills, forgetting to breath even, the illusions that rock our world, role playing the fantasies of our heart, our love you draw like the great artiste, all that matters to us is now, after work, after the daytime of Tuesday and we are left with the night to enjoy, to make new dreams and fantasies come alive, the gentle voice of Adele and the masculine tone of Sam Smith, and when the tempo gets high Amy Winehouse takes over, classical Sinatra and Billie Holiday are always right on time, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet always brings it modern classics, the arrogance and command of Kanye comes to play every time, Miley Cyrus brings rude and the confidence of this is right, the sorrow lustful thought Lana Del Rey will deliver, The Weekend brings the nonstop of the lust we possess, Asa brings the art of our culture, respect and cherish every spin, every touch and kiss, the glory of being human TY Bello possess us with, her celestial vibe of voice shows the bright light of our lust, the worship of what makes us, our struggles and our believe of the society, our interpretation not what the society dictate, we are wired it love that burns with passion and cools like the breeze of the night by the beach.

Our Weird passion, our Lust for Tuesday, our Love for after work.