Lust Girls

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Lesbians Too sexy I seduce myself sometimes, but we just met and we love same things, red wine and kissing and it’s the perfect day for us to meet because it’s a day we are allowed to be naughty and sexy and we can go naked if we want, it’s a happy day and we can be drunk too, drunk in the lust we found in ourselves, sometimes we just want to spend it all on girls, just like my new her that love everything I love, including myself and so we discover a new illusion that we can live in, the lifestyle of the goddess in us, the appreciation of the skin and tone we are made in, the taste of red wine on her lips takes me away into another dimension where the spectrum of light make beautiful and like she said my lipstick light up the fire in her and she just want to go wild with me tonight.Girl LoverLet’s discover the fire in us tonight, let’s burn in our flames, with a different heat that’ll make us sweat even under the low temperature, in the embrace of your lust, the different love that make us this human and the humanity that’s worth experiencing, life is beautiful they’ll say, with you tonight is another beautiful shade of beauty and your lingerie is provocative, don’t want to rip them off you, just want to make love to them too as we gift ourselves our body under the atmosphere of lust and pleasure.Lover Girl Sometimes we just want to experience life from another point of view which is ok, sometimes we just want to discover something new, a different fire that consume the boredom that looms around being the everyday human, though they call us misfit but we know better and we just have fun being a misfit, we love being different because we just want to have fun, and we don’t care how they look at us when we hold hands walking down the street, we know what’s in our heart and that’s all that matters.The Friday experience with you is a beautiful twist to the story of living and lust and vanity you make interesting from our point of view, though they might call it our Friday of sin but it’s our Friday of enjoying being a girl, being a lust girl.