Lust Love Found

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Mouyor Buttons and Cloud Spin Shot by Motolani Olorungbon

When life happens you’ll always be dazed because it will never happen like the vision and the picture in the head, it will happen like living in a dream, so surreal and true, the thrill is real, life is real too, especially when the butterflies start to fly in beautiful colors that depict the joy of the heart. Love is the sweetest thing, the way to heaven even, so fall in love and gain the glow, the glow of joy and lust, enjoying the shared glory.

Sometimes when we wish we just wish because we can wish, be careful what you wish for they’ll advice but most times we wish because that’s what our heart and soul want at that time, so we go with the flow, sometimes those wishes never come through because they’re not meant to and for those ridiculous wishes that do come through, those kind of wish house the thrill, the joy and the feelings that you’ve always hope to have from the one that never came. When love arrives it make a statement entry that’ll make the heart skip a beat and sometimes even forget to breathe because of how breathless the feeling has sweep us away.


In mysterious ways we love and we enjoy it even if we fear it will destroy us, even with the vision of the destruction the thrill we still want to experience, let’s experience the thrill of us I’ll whisper to her, the thought of watching her sleep on the bed with the brightness of the moon sipping into the room, casting shadow on her bare skin.

Editorial Photos

Abby Plaatjes. Photographed by Gavin Gosbert

Like a dream but you’ll pinch yourself many times, you’ll feel the pain which will confirm to you that you’re in real life, many night you’ll sleep and wake and the feeling will still remain. Even in the silence you can hear it, those words that confirm this is it, those soft whispers, even in the dream, the vibe of the thrill influence the dream too, it’s a different world almost immediately, new lifestyle and new feel, the meaning of life is different almost immediately and it’s like it’s a novel, like Ruby Sparks, life is beautiful, the thrill of it too, true love put you like in an illusion, the mix of the bad boy bringing heaven to the girl that have always dreamt of heaven, the visions that she has painted in her heart, the secret she and her heart and her room knows.

The heart and the body, feelings especially they all don’t lie to you, all these is a reflection of who we are, friends usually will advice you base on the truth and the interest of you and other times they advice you for the thrill, they’ll tell you and paint pictures of how you’ll enjoy the thrill if you give in, either way they’re still telling you the truth from their own point of view, feelings will never lie, they tell you the truth, just like instinct if you follow them, so listen to your feelings and your head and your heart and your body and everything, listen to you, find the truth. Bad decisions always birth beautiful story, maybe we can make the new love story that will be told for many years to come, like Bonnie and Clyde, they’ve made many lyrics rich, let’s create a new love story and take it to the limit.

So let’s rock all night to get lucky, to keep it alive the best way we can, letting the thrills take the lead, singing new songs, new laugh and thrills of lust, love and kissing, luscious with a taste of red.