Lust of Friday

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Gigi Hadid

Wake me up with me in your mouth, savor every of the taste of me because it’s Friday and you’re awesome, a super woman with sexy fit, pretty and attractive when you walk, like a fire dancer that you are, young bold and beautiful with the class of elegance and luxury, chic and erotic the look in your eyes when I’m dwelling in your mouth, living the reality of the pleasure you give.

Soon it will be Saturday, soon it will be groove time, a different time from the romantic experience we have on Thursdays, the day we call pink, color of the day, the color of lust of this day, the look of your lips, sultry and seducing, just how we love to experience this day and feed it with the lust of our heart, the lust of everything.

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Let’s stay a little longer in bed this morning, let’s feed our starving soul with the vanity our thought nurse, our fantasies and wishes, let’s create the memories that will rock our day and distract us from everything today, let’s create new memories for this new Friday, let’s create us again.

All of me I offer to you this morning, just as you offer me all of you, all of everything that we are, in truth and in spirit, in lust and in flesh, all of you I trade for all of me, so let’s get satisfied as we feed our hungry body with the breakfast of champions, breakfast of pleasure.