Lust of Sunday Afternoon

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The weekend is always never enough especially when you’re part of the weekend, my lover and my erotic partner that make me want to spend eternity with you, in you, because in you house the best pleasure of the world, the eyes that reflect the glory of existence, your body that depict the beauty of creation and we can’t help but glorify the creator through us, through these body communication we initiate, your moan and your lust, even if it’s a sunny Sunday or a cold one, indoor or outdoor, the afternoon body communion is always a pretty way to bid the weekend farewell as we prepare for the new week of glory and beautiful possibilities.

After lunch, TV because we are TV addicts and we love it same way, especially the classics that we love to see together in our under garment with snacks and wine and herbs, the combo we’ll always love because we make beautiful sex halfway, hands on each other, cuddling and kissing and watching, our phones we switch off because this is us time and we don’t play with us because we are all that matters, our love and our company, our touch and lips locked together, the hard nipples and the moist you, even your fetish we lust in and most times Sunday is always not enough because just like Oliver Twist we want more every time, more of us, more of the pleasure and the climax, the soft dirty talk, you make us discover the inside of you we’ve never explore before, the part that leads to sexual heaven, the paradise we enjoy to dwell in.

Sunday Sex


The weekend usually dictate the vibe of the new week, your behavioral pattern and how you react to the activities of the new week, especially Monday, how interesting and fun your weekend is, is how you’ll live Monday, if it’s a lustful and sexual and fun weekend, Monday will be lived on a platter of gold as the memories of the weekend will lead the way and the mood, smiles and joy, energetic and intelligent vibes will be your Monday.

Why don’t you spend quality time with your lover and make all shade of newness, lust and pleasure and climax.

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