Lust of You 

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Waking up to the room temperature food in between your legs, eating you in the early break of the new day, dark and cold outside soft cool breeze sip into the room through the window as your legs gently open wide half awake with the dreams still in your eyes, closed but awake to the pleasure my mouth create in you, warm and moist, tasty and wet, soft moan of desire and lust, deep, passionate, moved your legs part and twist to flow with the rhythm the contact of my mouth as it savor every taste of your viginal, addicted to the sound of your moan, the taste of your viginal the soft skin lips that flow with the direction of my tongue leading them the way my emotions dictate, the joy and satisfaction your pussy give in the dark morning, cold with no blanket over us, with passion I eat, in lustful deep voice you moan, the sound that drive my emotions wild that makes me not want to stop, in between your legs I found the perfect breakfast to feed our desires richly that we last making passionately soft moans all senses lust in there, the joy and satisfaction we live in, in the moment where all i just want to do is eat you up even as I get harder with every sound you make and wet and more wet you get, the taste of your early morning juice, nourishing our pleasure, as you drag me up to catch your lips, the lust in your eyes as you kiss me, the erotic flame in your eyes consume our true old feelings and give birth to the new hope of the new morning, of the desire of the in between your legs, the breakfast of a new day, the new joy that washes the old sad away, wishing for more sleep but not wanting this joy to stop or waste for this is what we pray for before we sleep, praying to wake up in pleasure and lust, using the bed sheet as support as your emotions daze you, the sheet fold from under me caressing my hard, your eyes dead in the satisfaction of the passionate desire and wild emotions as my tongue work its way deep into you, softly gasping for breath as the air in the room is full of erotic humid cold dark air of sex, the fragrance of your pussy cover me making you all I breathe all I want, right there between your legs time pass and we don’t care we just want to last forever in between you, and you in my mouth at any given chance, the taste of your juice you love on my lips and how you kiss every taste of your juice on my lips makes me go wild, getting me addicted to the joy of in between your legs, passionately but slowly I eat you to wake, alive into the fantasy of your dreams, seizing lustful tender whispers your voice make moaning every pitch of the sensation my mouth give to life, let this never stop the lyrics of the words you say as your hands work my senses to do more, to give more of the pleasure you desire, climax we don’t want to reach just yet, in this position we want to last, the beautiful feel our body enjoy we crave for more in every single second, all of ourselves we want and can’t get enough of, the lust of between your legs.