Lust Paradise

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Beautiful BodyYour body I thought of all day at work, even during the board meeting and I wonder why, after-all this body I slept with last night till this morning, so why should I be missing this body this much that’s cursing me a lot of distraction in my day and I’m enjoying it, memories of what you did to me last night is making me blush and wanting all of it right now and your text just made it feel more right.

Babe, I’m missing you wishing you’re here right now, see you tonight; I’ve got your pant in my pocket.

I smiled to myself knowing I’m not alone, sure last night was a night to remember, we were in the paradise of lust and we really never want to stop, we hated time last night because the whole night was just like an hour, we were different right from the moment I walk into that room, from the welcoming kiss, even the small chops you gave me as you collect my bag.

Paint BodyYour kiss I love, your touch too, your finger inside when the cold metal balls is not inside, your breath lead me on and the rhythm of us our body enjoys too but the vibe last night was different and maybe new, the blunt sure gave us new insight to what we can do with our body, how to bring it to life, you brought us to life all night, memories of the dark balcony, the taste of you I still relish on, your back resting on the balustrade, your finger in my mouth, your other hand on my boobs, you inside of me turning on every switch.

Our first cum was out of this world, your moan was loud, your hard nipples my tongue couldn’t let go, from the moment I walked in I could feel there’s something different about the night, your lingerie was black, honey and lubricant, even the marker by the bed side, even as I write this, the poem you wrote on me I still glance at, the one on my boobs too and your handwriting I love, wish I can flaunt it everywhere, your soft yanch, the magic of your tongue, the tender pain of the flogger, the candle wax.Bdsm

As we kiss our body found the wall, your hand unbutton me, soon my bra was of me, my skirt too on the floor, your hand in my pink pant, the wall supported me from falling off, your hand on my boobs too, every of the strand in your hair I can say I felt as I press your head hard to my vagina not wanting you to stop, and when you lay me down on the table I was paralyzed with pleasure, the drop of honey on my navel transport me to a different galaxy and as the drops travel to my vagina and back to my nipples, imagination of what next drove my over the moon as my body couldn’t wait for you to come in, but you didn’t, you licked it all with your tongue instead and when you turn me over to oil my ass, I wished for your body, but the wonders your oily hand was doing to me I lust after, when your finger slide in and out of me, visions of Eros I see, though blindfolded, what i feel could see, didn’t want you to stop and thank God you didn’t, now I can tell of the things you did to me all night.