Luxé is Luxé

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Why we buy clothes most times is to satisfy our ego, our passion, our love for the body, to look beautiful, even identical twins usually still have some difference, we can’t all have the same taste for luxe product, usually the cause of that though is the money to get it and for some it’s anything goes, that kind I don’t care about what I wear attitude, yeah you don’t.

Some just buy clothes because they need to cover their nakedness, everybody wears clothes on the street after all, so they just buy what they can afford maybe and some, they long for, we all care about what we wear, we all care about how we want to appear in a certain place, event or gathering, we care but at different levels.Luxé

Guess everything is luxe at the end of the day because at your stage, what you see as luxe it what some in another stage sees as fake and cheap, just as you see somethings as cheap and fake, but it’s different materials, different passion, different dreams and hopes and different creativity skills, different quest and taste for perfection, different amount of time and finance spent on the different product.

So if you buy somethings because it’s beautiful, you are still in style, you’re buying for a reason and if you are buying for the sake of it’s expensive  also a reason, we determine our own luxe and everything is art though, it’s the charm in what you’re wearing that matters, the vibe and the confidence, but trust me, the feeling of wearing a luxe is sweet, because they better your persona, you have that feel of they are helping you get better, helping you build your dreams, making the world a better place for you, for the regular compliment and the stare.

For every stage you are, any class, there are some approval you crave, though not that it matters but if the approval comes you feel elated, those are the peak of our luxe so as you grow, it grows with you, it’s all about your hope and true want, if you really desire it. So how well do you deserve it or want it?