Madame Modish And The Men She Style

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Stylish MenI’m of the opinion too that men’s fashion is kind of boring because of how conservative they’ve make it look, especially in this time and culture in our society that believe that stylish men are gay, making it almost a crime to be stylish, especially if you don’t want to be perceived as gay, limiting the creative stylish sense of men and generally it’s believed that only celebrity should be the ones to dress creatively and stylish and every other person should just dress like normal people, like that popular quote “dress like you’re famous” everything is changing and men these days don’t only dress like they’re famous, many are becoming famous because of how they dress, and some people are responsible for that.DNA Twins

As a stylist your job is to make your client look good and beautiful, making them turn heads, and making them make people’s stare worth it and even when they double tap on their phone they should smile while doing that and even save their photos even. Madame Modish is responsible for some cool men look especially DJ Xclusive, she’s got the fashion eye and she can see through your personality to style you the best way for your career, that’ll make the camera lens fall hopelessly in love with you, even your fans, she’s got a taste for stylish men and yes, she’s the alternative stylist that hate the regular boring fashion, and that’s why her clients are our favorite stylish men because they are fierce and she’s the modish.DJ Xclusive at Pepsi

From fashionable piece that you’ll want to own, to creating trends and her layering skills will make you appreciate her sense of fashion, their persona she’ll make you fall in love with, they just have that charm.

It’s one thing to have money

It’s another to spend it well

These men spend their money well.

I’m completely blown away as I always have been since Bad & Boujee.

GoshKiss Daniel

Fashion and style basically are different, even though they represent same thing, you can buy the most expensive fashion piece and you’ll still wear it wrongly but with her, she’ll make every of your kobo worth it and make you look like you just walk out of a magazine cover, not every stylist have her kind of vibe, she’s just the alternative stylist that have her own charm and we love her.Madame Modish

“Madame” : Used as a title for women in an artistic or exotic occupation.

A title of respect used in speaking to a woman of distinction.

A polite term of address to a woman of rank or authority.

I would like to be referred to as “Madame Modish” going forward.

Yung L