Make You, Make The World

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We still live in the generation of our parent, the generation that gave birth to us, to the idea and culture that we practice today, the generation that thought us the ideas of what a society should be, the culture they created for us to live in, the generation that taught us about dignity and endurance and a kind of respect, the generation that thought us to stay even if we are been abused and disrespected, that generation gave birth to today.

We are our sense, we decide the sense we have today and the life we live, we define what pattern and style of life we live, we are who we are, the person we wake up to everyday. Sometimes we decide to make life shape us to who and what we are, maybe an excuse to cut ourselves a little slack and a little tap on the back to enjoy the failure and to blame it on something else but ourselves, the excuse of it’s too late to change what is done, how we’ve lost hope in what we can change, the decision we can make to correct the present situation.

The oppression of gender is not new to this generation, it’s the idea that we’ve been birthed into and all that this generation is taught is endure and stay with it, like it can’t be corrected, like that’s how it’s supposed to be, but you wonder why does it have to be that way, why does one sex have to dominate the other, after all we are all human beings created in his own image and liking.

Respect is reciprocal they make us believe, really respect can be used against you and they can take advantage of that respect and turn it against you all because of the intuitive knowledge that have been pass to us from generation past that has in turn affect our ego, self pride and self esteem which has robbed many away of their right as humans first and as citizen of this world, the right to be what you think you to be. Our respect does matters.

The male gender, the society and doctrines has interpret strong and powerful while the female ones are the submissive and weaker ones that are perceive almost like a second class citizen, some doctrines and culture make them not to be able to contribute to the world and society they live in, reducing them to almost one use. In the world we live in, to better it is our pride, to create an impact that support humanity, the gender equality fight is basically not as being rebellious but to be given the right to affect the world that we all live in, to create an impact and not to be reduce to just one use, we all have a dream, just as it is not about just having the dream, it’s about bringing it to live and making it come through.

Sometimes you get to wonder and reason if the roles where to be reverse and the male folks takes the place of the female folks what can possibly happen, how will the world be. What if we treat ourselves equally and no gender prerogatives, no stronger vessels or weaker vessels, all we exist as is as human beings.

It’s all in our head, the selfishness of our heart to take advantage of the next person and care-less of how they feel or what their dreams are, that’s what the society has turn us to be, to be selfish and care-less of people’s feelings, yet they tell you to better it, the society.

Changing the culture of our mind is the first step to change the mentality the society has instill in us, the tradition that has been passed to us from generations past, that they’ve made us to survive it, those tradition. Right now it’s a new age, a new time to correct history and re-write it to what it’s supposed to be, to accord respect to everybody because they are humans first and not because of gender, to respect their dreams and pride and desire, to treat everybody with love and respect and as humans because we all contribute to this place called earth, we all contribute to what we are experiencing in the world right now.

Enough of the lies and brainwashing and the egotiscal pride that has help shape the world to what it is today, the world that we all complain about, so let’s stop complaining, let’s change it.