Making Love on Sunday

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Qlue Sexy Girl

Nora. Photographed by Mouyor Buttons

We celebrate naked because it’s Sunday, throwing it back to the beginning of time in the garden where it all began, whispers of lust of old times, visions of body and the art of making love, the love that expose us to the beauty of humanity, the beauty of our body, in the kitchen or in the shower, even in the garden, it’s Sunday.

Under the moonlight at night we pick a star and name it after the love we make, the cloud filled with our Sunday lust tales, lust with you is different, fashion, naked body, lace pant and red lipstick is our addiction, the feel of our hands on our body, the voice of Lana singing “Young and Beautiful” always make us to experience forever on Sundays, we are a different shade of lust, like we are the only people in the world, we create a different world before Monday. Soon Monday will here but the glory of Sunday is with us, we love the sex we make together, goddess of lust, beautiful rituals.

Sexy Qlue Girl

Nora. Photographed by Mouyor Buttons

The aroma of the food we make in the kitchen stick to our skin, in the garden the body serve as plate sometimes, eating off the body lead us to climax land, the limbo where we enjoy to spend eternity before it’s 5:00, we hate the sound of alarm, it brings us back to the flesh of humanity and we get to live as humans again, to create trends and fashion, to beautify the world with our passion and the work of our hands, on Monday we unleash the ideas we created over the weekend, it’s more than sex for us, it’s the communication of our mind, of our body and how we synchronize and prove that math by the doctrine that says 1+1=1 we exist as one when we make the Sunday love.