Making of Hair Art with Ceezys Styling

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Ceezys Styling A-whole lot of things happens behind the scene, the fun and the life and the preparations, the styling, the making of the master piece is always very interesting, especially to people that understand the meaning and the message behind the creation of those piece and when it’s about hair the ladies love it and not just the ladies, the boy-friends that love to compliment her hair and those that love to stare at the wonder of the creation too, well for some it’s shoe contact before eye contact but with Ceezys Styling he’ll make you make hair contact before eye contact.

The pride of the lady with the beautiful hair you’ll love and notice as she pose for the camera, the glamour and the grace and the beautiful smile that’ll make you wish for the hair, it’s a different thing though for the girl carrying the hair and it’s a different kind of pride for the stylist of the hair, it’s his idea and imagination that he brought to reality, beauty they’ll always say is in the eye of the beholder, it’s in the mind of the stylist too because all he think, is making that style come to life.

For most stylists it’s about the final beauty, that’s what they think about because they want their clients to be attractive every time, meeting the taste of their ego and the occasion and when it’s for a shoot, it’s a different creativity, the creating process is more interesting because it’s the making of a special art, a masterpiece that the camera will love to capture and the girls will enjoy to pose in, to create image that will stand the test of time and that’s what Ceezys Styling is about.

Hair is the pride of a woman they’ll say and Ceezys will take you through that journey of creating that pride, the hair art, it’s about Hair, Light, Camera and Action.

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