Market Girl; Free Yourself

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Market Girl Somethings we take for granted, some freedom we don’t appreciate because of the ego we possess and we rob ourselves of free happiness all in the name of the how we’re supposed to look or behave, the picture in our head, but thank God for photography, things are changing, portraying to us the joy of different environment with their creative sense and gradually people are beginning to see how fun it is to be free and to enjoy different environment.

Free Yourself is the theme of the shoot with Beverly Osu shot by our favorite photographer Felix Crown and the idea behind this shoot is pretty much appreciated at this time of our lives in this society to preach to people the joy of being free which is the reason why they took it to the market place, most people are only free in the corner of their room but to be really free you have to be free everywhere and that’s the depiction of the shoot at the market place as we can actually relate with the joy and look and the happy smile on Beverly’s face, her bright beautiful eyes and the pride in her melanin skin and her African locally made hand fan.Beverly Osu

The vibe of the modern day market girl she posed in, brilliant and barefoot, revealing her tattoo and smile, charming the camera with the look in her eyes and the fruits and food behind her will make you think food, even if you’re not a foodie, you’ll think food.Felix Crown

One beautiful thing about this photo is you’ll get to appreciate the raw vibe in this continent, real and true which is our identity, the joy we can pose in, in this environment, life is different and if you can be free here you can be free anywhere, so release yourself from the idea of how it’s supposed to be and enjoy real freedom.

Muse – Beverly Osu

Photographer – Felix Crown

Make Up Artist – Damis Faces Artistry

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