Meaning of Life; Never Boring

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DJ Cuppy and Sister

The meaning of life we find sometimes, the explanation to the meaning of life we want most times, an insight into what life is, we sometimes need it to survive the day because we sometimes don’t know what it means to be alive or what life means, it can be overwhelming sometimes to be alive, experiencing life, life is life, experiencing reality, the moment, even though we want to escape sometimes or take a break from it but this is life, there’s no break, you experience it all, you live.

Though living is like a movie and we are the actors in the movie, we’re the director too and the writer, we own the movie of our life, we write it on a daily, it’s a series with new season every-time we celebrate our birthday, new episode every-time we wake up, fans want the thrill, life too because it’s the reel that display the life we live.


Dewy Oputa

Dewy Oputa

It’s a wild romance with life, never do boring with life because it’s like we live on the ledge, we don’t want to fall off so we prevent first before finding the cure and if the cure is all that is needed, go for it and save existence but never with a boring attitude, experiencing life on the ledge pitch a different twist to the story of life, not everybody realize we live on the ledge with obstacles to overcome and our challenge is different, our script too, like an exam, we know the best answer to every question, cheating is allowed but it’s got its own consequences, mid-life crisis is real, life is.

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